Health & Wellness Screens

Primary & Popular Screens

Companies today are losing thousands of dollars through lost production and decreased worker productivity. There are simple ways to increase attendance and improve employee health and satisfaction through our many health and medical screens. It has been proven that showing your employees that you care about them easily translates into improved morale and production. We will be happy to provide you with information on the following tests that are all administered by trained, certified and qualified staff. These screening tests are done on-site to decrease “down-time” and save you money.


Protects your employees from hearing damage due to loud industrial noise pollution (satisfies OSHA CFR 1910.95). When employees are exposed to an 8-hour time-weighted average of a certain decibel level, employers are required to develop and implement a monitoring program. Base level testing is also available.


Visual skills are an important safety factor in any industry. Identifying employees with visual impairments and implementing corrective action will reduce accidents, improve perfromance and aid in controlling your experience modifier.


Respiratory disease is the most common cause of lost time and production. There are many contaminants in work environments that aggravate this chronic problem. There are simple ways to reduce these problems and evaluate employees to prevent future complications.


Through our eating habits, the South is regionally prone to high cholesterol. Add this factor to our average weight and you have a disaster with significant consequences to employees! There are many ways to increase employee health and awareness. Wellness programs and health education can help change these habits and reduce health insurance costs.

Blood Pressure

Hypertension is one of the leading causes of death in America today. There are usually no symptoms until it is too late. Regular checks not only identify employees that require observation, but also keep those employees on the job without later complications.

Metal Screens

If your company works with metal-based paints and/or other chemicals, we can help guard you against workers compensation claims by adding this screen. It is advisable to add it during the pre-employment screen to establish a baseline. This screen provides needed information for employers to make critical decisions regarding individual employee job safety.


Insurance premiums are significantly impacted by poorly managed diabetic employees. Emergency room visits and lengthy hospital stays result in preventable lost time. Simple screening helps identify thos employees that require monitoring. This can easily translate into improved production and ultimately improved profits.

Drug Screens

Random and pre-employment drugs screens can help decrease your experience modifier, which in turn, will lower your insurance premiums. There is also a very simple way to reduce your overall workers compensation premiums by up to 7% through effective drug and controlled substance screening.

Other More Specific Screens

We also perform additional screening tests that may produce a more specific result or target certain conditions. Here are just a few of the aditional screens we offer:

Pre-Employment Screening

Basic Medical Screen Annual Renewal Physical Drug Screens
Pre-Employment (Comprehensive or DOT)

Wellness Examinations

Basic Profile Comprehensive Profile

Additional Examinations

Audiometry w/ Interp. Back Lifting Certification Chest X-Ray w/ Interp. EKG w/ Interp.
EKG / Stress Testing Pulmonary Function Respirator Fitness Carotid UltraSound
TB Tine Test Hemocult Body Composition Tonometry (Non-Contact)
Visual Acuity Stero Depth Color-Blindness Blood Alcohol
Arsenic Blood Profile Cadmium Blood Profile OSHA Cadmium Blood OSHA Cadmium Urine
B-2 Microglobulin Lead/ZPP vPCB Blood Profile General Health Blood Profile
(Prostrate Blood Analysis)
H. Pyloric
(Gastric Ulcer Analysis)